Monthly Archives: September 2010

City endorses fish passage grant effort

On a motion by Councilor David Langford the Rainier City Council voted at its September 7 meeting to endorse FFC’s effort to apply for grants to design alternative solutions for fish passage barriers in lower Fox Creek (the remaining culverted block). The city’s endorsement and willingness to participate in the process of assembling technical data and evaluating alternatives will be significant advantages for FFC as it competes for grant awards.

John Runyon of the Portland consulting group ICF is preparing the grant proposals pro bono for FFC. Runyon spoke briefly at the Council’s work session and answered questions from Council members.

FFC President Bob Burnham spoke for FFC and introduced Runyon.  Also attending for FFC were Vice President Dearl Taylor and board member Darrel Whipple.  Land owners attending in support were Paul Rice (Riverside Community Church) and Dan Jacobson.  Margaret Magruder attended in support, representing Lower Columbia River Watershed Council, which had sent a letter to  FFC endorsing the grant effort.